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How many calories meat has

White meat such as chicken breast has the lowest number of calories per gram, but red meat such as beef or pork has more calories and is high in saturated fat. It is therefore advisable to limit red meat consumption to a few times a week.

How many calories in a salad

The vast majority of salads have lettuce and tomato as key ingredients. But from there, there are thousands of possible combinations, which means that sometimes a salad is even more than 700 calories.

How many calories are in a Pizza

Pizza is a high calorie food, we are not discovering anything new, it is not indicated within a 1200 calorie diet although many of the calories depend on the flour or the juicy toppings such as: cheeses, salami, chicken, veal, sauces, vegetables in oil, all are elements that imply an increase in the caloric level of each slice.